Advisor to Feijóo implements the: Liquidation of the Messenger: Mentally Annihilating Uncomfortable Journalists who Expose Corruption.

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without mercy against thieves and corrupt criminal harassers of journalists

Freedom of Expression is the Damocles' sword against institutionalized corruption elevated to the level of a doctoral thesis by Feijóo's advisor María del Mar Sánchez Sierra, who self-appointed herself as a protected National Deputy (with the full and absolute approval of a "scared Feijoo" afraid it might become a "Watergate") to avoid assuming the ethical responsibilities and deontological code of the Journalist she claims to be, when in reality, she is the greatest enemy to freely exercise that PROFESSION SINCE HER ARRIVAL TO POWER.

"When there is little justice, it is dangerous to be right!" - Francisco de Quevedo (Madrid, 1580 - Ciudad Real, 1645)
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In a society where transparency and accountability are fundamental for democratic and constitutional functioning, individuals like Feijóo's advisor, Mar Sánchez Sierra, and powerful entities like the PP or "CRIMINAL ORGANIZED BAND TO COMMIT CRIMES" labeled as such in a judicial document by Judge Velasco, do not want to be threatened by the exposure of their corrupt practices. Journalists who dare to investigate and denounce these irregularities, such as the director of Xornal Galicia, Miguel Delgado, become the JUDICIAL, FISCAL, AND INSTITUTIONAL MARTYR OF THE GALICIAN GOVERNMENT and partisan judges of the PP with extreme or desperate ambitions to rise in the judicial career, seeing him as an obstacle for those who wish to maintain control and the status quo, but far from applying the Constitution.

The liquidation of the messenger or of Miguel Delgado, that is, the attack and elimination of these uncomfortable journalists, becomes a common strategy for those like María del Mar Sánchez Sierra who want to silence the truth and protect their corrupt interests. However, this practice is not only immoral but also a direct attack on freedom of the press and democracy itself, Freedom of Expression, Rule of Law, and literally defecating on the Constitution, and on the minimum human respect towards someone who only tells the truth.

To carry out this liquidation, perpetrators like Feijóo's advisor use a variety of methods, ranging from defamation "using tricks to portray me as unbalanced through media schemes and censoring any information that comes out of their informative and social corner" and public discrediting to intimidation, physical violence, and even murder, judicial threats, psychological harassment, harassment of their families, interrogations similar to those in the GULAG in Santiago that the judge has refused to record, causing the greatest harm to their health, not allowing a second of rest in the judicial harassment race.PP s criminal harassment of the Director and Journalist of Xornal Galicia

These attacks not only seek to silence the individual journalist but also to send a message of fear to others who may consider following their example, and in Galicia, few dare to report under the ethics and deontological code of the profession, examples are few and far between, Black Fridays, Nos Diario, while Galician society lives anesthetized and wandering under lies and fake news like ZOMBIES with their eyes expelled from the country to emigration.

The impunity that María del Mar Sánchez Sierra boasts wherever she goes, from Asturias to the bar in Benavente, sending Tellado, to veiled threats to Wayomig about putting him in Soto del Real, frequently accompanies these crimes, as the responsible parties are rarely brought to justice. One only needs to see that nothing is said about the search under Eva Cárdenas and Feijóo's bed, of the Niebla Azul Real Estate, not paying taxes at their marital home in A Coruña, Linares Rivas 35-5th Left, according to documents published by this journal from the A Coruña City Council, or the use and enjoyment of an illegal dwelling, illegal construction work in the servitude domain with an illegal descent to the beach, anonymous donations requested for COVID and for money laundering using Juan Carlos Escotet from ABANCA by Feijóo's advisor, which allegedly end up in illegal works also in the Cambre City Council BAILLY HOUSE according to declarations from the Mayor of Oleiros and documents from this journal, which the justice system and the marmalade press of Galicia, led by La Voz de Galicia with two pages of institutional advertising daily, or in other words about 40,000 public euros denied to healthcare. This creates a dangerous atmosphere where journalists face constant risk for the simple act of doing their job: investigating and reporting the truth, and even the editors of La Voz de Galicia ask us for support to exercise Freedom of Expression because they are threatened with judicial persecution by messengers sent by María del Mar.

To combat this despicable practice of Feijóo's advisor, which should shame the entire Spanish Parliament for covering up the advisor's character by refusing to comply with the directives of corruption whistleblowers, it is essential for the international community and democratic institutions to come together to protect journalists like Miguel Delgado and ensure they can carry out their work without fear of retaliation. This implies the implementation of stricter laws and legal compliance with those already in place to punish those who attack freedom of the press, whether judges, prosecutors, officials, hidden deputies in parliamentary immunity, etc., as well as the establishment of protection and support mechanisms for at-risk journalists.

Ultimately, the liquidation of the messenger not only affects individual journalists and their families but also represents an attack on the very foundations of democracy and justice, if it really exists in our country. Only through a collective commitment to defending freedom of the press can we hope to eradicate this practice of corrupt politicians to the core who do not hesitate to proclaim that they are affiliated with a CRIMINAL ORGANIZED BAND TO COMMIT CRIMES like the PP and guarantee a future where truth and transparency prevail over corruption and unjust power.

Miguel Delgado, with his 70 years of service to the profession, when crossing paths with Feijóo's advisor by denouncing illegal financing in exchange for a house seized from a poor person to finance the websites of and, a direct responsibility of Maria del Mar as Communication Director of the PP of Galicia, whose justice system blatantly refuses to judge and prosecute her for corruption and malfeasance as a public official, is literally providing cover for the harassment and destruction of the messenger of information about PP corruption, Feijoo and his advisor in Galicia. We refer to documented and irrefutable facts when the same Instruction Court 1 of Santiago states in a literal ruling (DO NOT NOTIFY THE PUBLIC PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE) in the complaint filed by María del Mar and her lawyer against Miguel Delgado, depriving the prosecution of knowing and representing the state in crimes against public officials, whose responsibility as prosecution or defense corresponded to them according to the proceedings.

And all because at that time María del Mar held multiple public positions in the Xunta, Cela Foundation, CRTVG, AMTEGA, RETEGAL, Secretary of Media, and she was using all of them to improve her personal assets revealed in the declaration to the Congress of Deputies (hidden with malice and aforethought on the Transparency Xunta website) with environmental reports for deals on protected lands, all of which the proceedings have censored and prevented the submission of documentation with the "NO PLACE" AND JUDGE ALANZ QUALIFIES AS "seeking retrospective investigations that harm Maria del Mar's honor." THE DAMAGE TO THE JOURNALIST WHO DARES TO TOUCH THE BASKETS, and the sooner we manage to kill a free journalist, the fewer we will have to find.

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